Terra Nova’s magical fairy experience begins as soon as you cross over Penny Bridge. A Hoblin named Finn stands in the pool, playing a mystical tune from a shell that only the fairies can hear. Leaving the bridge behind, Treefern house comes into view. Here lives a Lechling named Silver Wing. Look at him peering out through the front door - such a nosey creature; he really doesn’t like to miss a thing!

His neighbours live in the three nearby fairy mounds. Here the many fairies of Terra Nova are being lulled to sleep after a busy night courtesy of Finn and his magical music. Across the way the wisest of all Hoblins, Billy Begs, sits on a leaf thinking about all the fairies that he has ever known. And he has known many and can recall all their names. Dangling from a nearby branch is the mystical golden wishing ball. Stop and make a wish, whisper it gently and it will carry on the breeze to the ears of the waiting fairies.

Mr McWeedle was the first Hoblin to arrive at Terra Nova and here he dances daily, playing a soft tune on his flute. Sssh, stay still a moment, listen carefully, can you hear the mysterious melody? Soon a pair of huge oak doors will tower above you, but do not be afraid of them as they will open to welcome you as you journey to meet more fairies and mystical beings.

The Grindle, possibly the only one in the world, is a stairway to a magic underground tunnel where only Hoblins may run to and fro between the garden and the thousand year old fairy fort that lies in the field behind. A few steps on will lead you to the grassy roofed Fairy Flight Hole, a gateway to another realm, gently guarded by bats who guide the fairies safely in to feast inside a huge hall on acorn pie and nectar smoothies. Nearby is the log cabin; creep past with gentle tread as the Hoblins sometimes sleep by day. If you visit in the evening, peep inside if you dare, you may be lucky enough to catch sight of one of them in his bed.

Throughout the garden the magic continues, come visit and discover all the surprises for yourself. The fairies at Terra Nova are real and if you too believe then we hope that you will feel them for yourself.