Fiddlehead Fairytale Toadstool House


Deep in the woods amongst the pines and the birch trees, you will find the most distinctive of all toadstools, the Fly Agaric. Straight out of a fairytale, there could be no home more suited to woodland fairies. This stunning house is made from cold cast resin and is handpainted.In the middle of the red spotted roof there is a stone chimney. Next to it is a round dormer window.

Below the roof, the house has white walls and a blue brick foundation. Brown and green highlighting adorn the foundation. In the middle, there is a red rectangular door. It has a circular window in the middle. Above the door is a triangular window. It has a green roof. To each side of the door, there is an arched window. The windows are directly above the blue foundation. The foundation also forms a stoop in front of the door. On the back of the house, there is a round green door.  It is great for housing all sorts of magical denizens. 18cm tall

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