Fountasia Fairy Kingdom Door


Some Fairies live in hollow trees, but each one has a door,

With designs and decorations like you’ve never seen before.

See the flowers and different shaped windows, perhaps a dragon fly or bee,

But what goes on behind the door is very hard to see.

This lovely door has a beautiful scroll hinges, a small dragonfly resting on the door and on the sides you will see some foliage and a few toadstools poking through too.

In the world of make believe, fairies make cute houses from all kinds of things they find in the enchanted forest. Imagination and a little magic can turn anything into unique fairy homes.

  • Detailed metal fairy door
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Comes with a small metal loop attached on the back for hanging
  • Height-16cm
  • Width-15cm
  • Diameter-3cm
  • Collectable item

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