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Fountasia Hollow Tree Pixie Window

Fountasia Hollow Tree Pixie Window


When Pixies make their home inside a hollow woodland tree,

They make a simple wooden window that is hard for folks to see.

Most of them have open shutters so the Pixie can see all around,

In the World of Make Believe some Pixie windows can be found.

This pretty round window has red shutters, a gorgeous green canopy and a windowsill full of flowers and a butterfly.

Painted in vibrant colours this is made from weatherproof metal and is suitable for use indoors or outside. For walls, fences or trees.

  • Detailed metal fairy window
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Comes with a small metal loop attached on the back for hanging
  • Height-15cm
  • Width-12.5cm
  • Diameter-3cm
  • Collectable item

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