Salvia dombeyi

  I've been dithering for the past few weeks about taking cuttings from Salvia dombeyi as it looks so magnificent in full flower but today I bit the bullet and decided that it was now or never! It was impossible to find non flowering stems, so I just had grit my teeth and start cutting into it. I'm usually ok with cuttings but as it is so rare in cultivation I figure that it must be pretty difficult to propagate, so I have taken an assortment in the hope that something takes. I have taken shortish heel cuttings, some tip cuttings, some stem cuttings, node cuttings and inter nodal cuttings! Some are in a 50/50 compost perlite mix and some are in 100% perlite. They are on gentle heat, enclosed in ziplock bags and now I shall just have to sit back and see what happens......

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